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In order to get an ADHD prescription fast and easy, you need to schedule an appointment. Our licensed healthcare professionals are dedicated to making you feel comfortable in these turbulent times as much as they can. This is why all our patients are welcome to pick between two types of appointments: online and in-person.
  • Only $195 for the initial visit
  • and $175 for the follow-ups
2 steps between you and your prescription:
  • You can book your appointment with just one click and leave the rest to us.
    In case you picked an online one, we will contact you right away and pick the best means of communication for you.
  • After your appointment, our licensed healthcare professional will issue you a prescription
    that you can pick up at ANY pharmacy of your choice
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Frequently Asked Questions
We offer both online and in-person appointments provided by licensed healthcare professionals.
You will have all information about the provider that will be seeing you beforehand. We will also contact you with further details to confirm your appointment.
We have two physical locations in California and Florida in case you would like to see our specialist in person:

1884 Market, South San Francisco, California 94102
434 SW 12th Ave Ste 206 Miami, FL 33130
At the moment we are only accepting patients from FL, CA, NY, TX, WA, CO, IL, AZ, OK and PA.
Yes, our appointments could be conducted both online and in-person. There is no difference between an online and in-office appointment. Our remote doctors use a secure video communication system to be connected with patients so you can get quality care from the comfort of your home.
The initial consultation does not take more than 15 to 20 minutes.
Once you book your appointment online, you will be assigned to a licensed healthcare provider and receive a confirmation via email along with your provider's information. At the time of your appointment, you will be asked to describe your concerns and issues, which will allow our professional to come up with an individually-tailored solution for you. Your prescription may be sent electronically to a pharmacy, or you can pick it up at one of our locations.
An initial visit is only $259 and any follow-ups, if needed, are $175 each.
Please follow the URL below to complete your online application at:
Please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find the confirmation email, please give us a call at (844) 939-1267. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you with the process.
Sure, you can cancel your appointment and get a full refund if you cancel it at least an hour in advance.
We at EZCare Clinic are committed to customer satisfaction and providing excellent service. Our policy is to refund patients in full if we are unable to provide them with a service they are looking for so that they can always come back to us for other healthcare services in confidence.
No refunds shall be issued after a provider has performed his/-er services, i.e., after consultation, therapy session, and/or procedure with/performed by a provider.
Yes, we do. Regardless of whether you have an online or an in-person appointment, our healthcare professional will determine an approach that should be taken and issue you a prescription, if necessary, you will be able to pick up at any convenient location.
You can find out more about our clinics on the ABOUT US page.
Here’s our licenses.
We are a 100% verifiable clinic and are always ready to provide you with as much information as you need.
Please feel free to call our front desk for further assistance, and they'll be more than happy to answer your questions at (888) 578-6704.
Our goal is to provide fast, personalized, and accessible professional help. We have a price match policy in place, and even though at the moment we do not offer insurance-based services, our fees are designed in order to meet the requirements of our clients.
It depends on each individual case, but if medication is needed, it will be typically prescribed by our health care professional during your initial visit. The follow-up appointments are usually scheduled every 30 days, or in cases when people would like to adjust their prescription dosage or track their progress on medication, whichever is sooner.
4 reasons why so many people have already chosen us:

Safe and convenient appointment system.
Instead of in-person appointments, we offer convenient online appointments so you do not have to drive to the clinic. An online appointment equals in quality of service to the in-person appointment but is much more convenient and you don’t have to risk your health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Affordable pricing regardless of insurance type.
With us, you are safe from insurance hassles and do not have to worry about overpaying. We put quality above everything and our prices are affordable and our service is flawless.

Convenient appointment scheduling.
We value your time and will help you pick the best appointment times fitting your schedule.

High-quality service. We have a fixed and time-tested appointment system.
Our online and in-person appointments are done by the same doctors and prescriptions that you are getting do not depend on the type of appointment. We value our personalized approach and do our best to keep our services convenient and efficient.